Get somebody’s goat!



What words or phrases can you think of when you see the picture?

Do you know the meaning of the title Get Somebody’s Goat?

Can you guess the meaning of it?

Actually, to get somebody’s goat is an expression about something that is annoying.

Do you want to know more about the usage?

Let’s listen to the radio programme The English We Speak! 

Before you listen, read the questions below and answer them after you listen!

Questions: 1. Who is annoyed?

                      2. What happened in the stroy?

p048h85p / audio /

Do you find it interesting? Do you know how to use the idoms now?

Can you share your own experience using this idom we learned today?!


What do think about this website? Do you like it or not?


Now, let’s explore more about this website. On this  website, you can learn many idoms. You can learn them through listening to the radio and reading the script if you are not able to listen under certain circonstance. Also, if you go to this website, you can practice the usage of the idiom with you partners!

Okay~It’s time for you to have fun using the website!



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