Answers for Listening Task

Conversation 1

Fish (F): Excuse, (so), can I just put all of my money into the bank account?

Staff (S): Yeh, I can help you. So put (port?) your card into there for me. It asks for your PIN so I turn away.

F: Alright.

S: If you understand, it’s funny. It is “Payment & Transfer”.

F: Ok, so it’s the “Payment & Transfer” not the “Cash” or “Cosh with receipt”?

S: Yes, it sounds very strange, but yes, “Payment & Transfer’. And cause you put your card in it, so it’s going on with there-“Pay in with card”. And it’s just cash today, isn’t it ?

F: Yes.

S: Alright. “Cash only”. Lots of buttons, sorry, hah. And they’re all going together and they will go in there. Hopefully they will.

F: Don’t worry.

S: And hopefully it will like them all.

F: Just wait here, right?

S: Yeh.

F: Just wait here?

S: Yeh.

F: Ok, it’s processing.

S: Is that correct?

F: I think so. I didn’t count.

S: Haha, as long as you’re happy. Oh it’s having another thing, that’s alright.

F: And there will be a receipt as well?

S: There should be a receipt. And it’s just asking for you (if you need) another service.

F: No.

S: Ok, there is your receipt. And because it is cash, it is in there straight away.

F: Ok, thank you very much!

S: You’re welcome!


Conversation 2

F: Excuse me, could you tell me how to change my original PIN?

S: Yes, of course! Put (Port?) your card in there for me.

F: Alright, thank you.

S: It’s asking the PIN you have got now, so port in and I’ll turn away.

F: Alright.

S: It is “Other services”, “Change PIN”. Now it asks you to put in your new PIN but don’t press the “Enter”, just put in the four digits and then it asks you to re-enter it again. Does it make sense?

F: Alright. Without “Enter”. Thank you.

S: Lovely. So while you put “Enter”, that is all changed for you. And it’s ready for you straight away.

F: Thank you so much! Oh, can I just change my 20 pounds into some small values?

S: Yes, I can’t do but that’s fine, just pass the queue for the cash around the corner cause they deal with that and I’m not allowed to deal with any money. Ok?

F: Alright, so they will change it for me?

S: Yes, they will change it for you.

F: Thank you so much! It’s so nice of you!


Multiple Choices:

1.B 2.C